This project required a whole lot of work in nearly 2 years. All commands where checked for syntax, context aund versions.The complete description was written thouroughly new. All images and screenshots were newly made as lots of example GDL objects.
We did not get any payment or privelege; we do not use advertising or link to money sources. We invested exclusively our leisure time in this project. This compendium is free and will stay free in future.
We beg you to please do not download or mirror the whole site to let the costs of our webhoster stay affordable. Save us from the construction of barriers against non logic traffic.We will continiously complete the content (in the english version this will last longer than in the german) and will not publish this on the title pages, so only online all information will be brand new available.
There will be in future at least one offlineversion (FF Scrapbook, PDF, HTML or so) with all example objects that connot be found on the site..

Anyhow we know, that this compendium will be a daily companion in the future or the first or last help. If you will find it helpful, you are only one click away to participate on our charges, because Server, Provider and Hosting cost real money.
Further reaching services we can only attempt, ift we will recognize, that the user ist willing to reimburse this adequate. This is an avowed appeal for funds.
We are looking for translators.
Because this web project works with databases, the continuous translation in other languages will be no technical problem. Certainly we will guide our helpers through our construction and content.