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ROTvectorX, vectorY, vectorZ, angle
Aufklappen Range
vectorX, type real
vectorY, type real
vectorZ, type real
angle, type real (degree)
Aufklappen Description
Rotates the coordinate system around the vector with the coordinates (0/0/0)/(vectorX/vectorY/vectorZ) about angle degrees.
Aufklappen Example
ROT 0,0,1, angle
according to ROTZ angle

ROT 0,1,0, angle
according to ROTY angle

ROT 1,0,0, angle
according to ROTX angle
Aufklappen Context
Aufklappen Tips and Tricks
To remeber the rotation direction you can use the "right hand rule": If the thumb points into the direction of the positive vector (=rotation axis) and you curve the rest of the fingers a bit into the form of a fist and they show you the direction of rotation for the positive values of angle.
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