selfGDL: the GDL compendium

selfGDL is the detailed reference of all known GDL commands written by the GDL enthusiasts Frank Beister und Jochen Suehlo.
"FEAR GDL NO(W) MORE!" (free after David Collins, Athen)

Suggestions for improvements, remarks (e.g. on dead links, orthography-, grammar- or gar textual errors) and questions because of incomprehensibility will be warm welcome and correctes as soon as possible. For questions belonging to GDL objects on the other hand is the support of Graphisoft responsible Help to programing questions you can also get in the well known web forums.
Texts, grafics, example objects and script code come from the authors with the copyright on all of their content. The rights of the brand names and trademarks belong to its owners. This compendium is a freely available source for the assistance of GDL programmers. This does not mean that it is public domain. It is not permitted to download the content for the use of publications or on other Internet- or Intranetservers nor to mirror the whole site. Also it is not permitted to give amay digital or printed copies of the site content without written agreement of the authors. This also belongs especially to material for training courses.
Please activate JavaScript because of the foldout menu. Install the GDL WebControl; with that you have access to the online demo objects.
You can find all GDL comands on 3 ways:
a) sortet by themes with help of the top navigation,
b) in the alphabetic command list,
c) with the search function (right)